The Real Estate Developments Association of Nigeria (REDAN) is the principal agency and umbrella body of the organizations real estate sector (private and public) recognized by the Federation Government of Nigeria and saddled with the responsibility of ensuring availability of affordable Housing for all Nigerians


To effectively represent the members to achieve their corporate objectives and to effectively carry on their business as agents of development by ensuring public appreciation of the importance of REDAN and efforts it is making to meet the housing needs of Nigerians.

Ensuring balanced national legislative, regulatory and fiscal policy to provide the enabling framework and environment for effective housing delivery.


To be Nigeria’s most influential and credible voice in the real estate development and investment industry.

A notable force in influencing industry policies and practices; with strong local and international recognition in all issues affecting the Nigeria real estate sector.


The strategy of Real Estate Developers’ Association of Nigeria is to provide a forum for all real estate developers to collaborate for the common good of Nigeria. REDAN cooperates with all tiers of government in Nigeria and all their agencies and parastatals connected with land administration, planning, infrastructure development, housing provision and administration.